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Monday 22 May 2017

22/05 :  Chris Cornell was a Legend in my Eyez

   I am totally shocked and I am truely saddened over the sudden suicide by Chris Cornell.
Chris Cornell was a great influence to me and I am sure his music has helped me cope with the horrors that life has dealt me. I loved so many songs that he sang and while I cant say I heard them all, the ones i play daily will continue to be played daily until my last breath!

I have had many musical influences, and while they all come from several different musical backgrounds and classifications, I considered his work to be pure and real, and it means so much to me... Fell on Black Days, Blow up the Outside, Spoonman, Burden in my Hand, You know my name, and many more, gave me the feeling that I was not alone... that all I felt was on many minds, even people who were so gifted, and so well off were having the same issues I was and seeing and feeling all of the pains I was was somehow so sad, and so real.... and you could feel his pain, his heart in the songs! He was truely inspirational! While I know his bands were his backbone and contributed to his success, Chris truely and deservedly had a voice and style that made you listen and focus on the power and intensity of his voice and personality... and his thank you!

I am the Highway will always put me in the zone, and while all of my favorites like Jackson, Nelson, Collins, Mcknight, and many others will have a place, his lyrics really moved me and at a point in my life spoke to me, and saved my life. His songs were like he could read my mind, and was singing about what he saw thru my eyez.... so sobering, so sad, so fucking honest... I can truly say that i loved every moment, and am sure that discovering all of his music and songs i havent heard yet will be a major part of the rest of my life... so many songs of his are in my heart forever..

Sometimes I wonder if his popularity was a great curse that could only be tolerated for so long.
The cost of fame, and everyone wanting to use or be around is a great weight that can only be beared for so long... I hope that many of theses Superstars just got tired of Fame, and decided to retire the persona that they have created, and are still out there, somewhere, quietly enjoying a new life, one they earned thru many years of giving everything they had... I really hope so, cause Chris Cornell earned all of what he had and spoke his heart, every chance...thank you!

Thank You Chris

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